Alberta Demerit Points System

Demerit Point System

    Demerit points are recorded against an operator’s licence.

    When a total of eight or more but less than 15 points have accumulated, you are mailed a courtesy notice of point standing.

    When an accumulation of 15 or more points occurs within a two-year period, your licence is automatically suspended for one month.

    When the suspension is the second demerit suspension within one year, your licence is suspended for three months.

    When the suspension is the third or more demerit suspension within two years, your licence is suspended for six months. In addition, you may be required to appear before the Alberta Transportation Safety Board.

    There is no remedy or appeal against a demerit point suspension, unless it can be proven the demerit points were assigned in error. You may request to review your driving record on these grounds by making a written submission to the Driver Fitness and Monitoring Branch.

Demerit Point Schedule

Pay particular attention to the rate grid below. This rate system allows insurance companies to use the information that is in their database about a conviction to assess their future insurance premiums for far longer than the three years the conviction is mentioned on their drivers abstract.


  • When a demerit point suspension has been served, the licence is reinstated with seven points. These points remain on your record until a period of two years from the assessed date has passed.
  • When two years have elapsed from the date of a conviction, the number of points assessed for that conviction is removed from your record. Remember, the date of conviction is the date that you actually pay your fine or are found guilty in absence, not the date that you received the fine.
  • If an approved defensive driving course has been successfully completed prior to accumulating 15 or more points, a maximum of three demerit points may be removed from a driving record once every two years.