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5 out of 5Excellent Representation
Last month I was pulled over for a U-turn on a flashing green and was unfortunate enough to receive 4 separate tickets. My registration had expired by 2 days, failure to produce insurance, failure to change address after I had moved and of course the U-turn.
To keep it short Ron was able to remove every ticket at a very reasonable price. All I had to do was send my ticket information and have a 5-10 minute conversation describing the situation.
I would absolutely recommend A1 to anyone in my situation.
Thanks again.

By Anonymous
October 6, 2012

5 out of 5Stop going to those expensive guys!
I recommend A1 Traffic Ticket Defense to all of my friends who get tickets. Whether it is speeding, running a red or whatever the case be A1 can help. My sister actually started using A1 first. She crashed her work van into a truck and she got a ticket for unsafe driving. She used A1 and she did not lose any dermit points and she got her fine reduced. If my memory serves me well, Ron the owner of A1 use to be a police officer so he knows the ins and out of traffic court. He has always been professional and pleasure to deal with.

By ltruong
October 6, 2010